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Quality Street Service offers a complete set of services for your Home Owners Association or Community.  Not only do we provide street sweeping services, we offer power sweeping of parking areas and other hard surfaces, as well as storm drain catch basin cleaning services. 

Street Sweeping


At Quality Street Service we know the image of your community is important. Not only does a clean street and curb line provide a great first impression to visitors and guest, it is also an important part of environmental compliance. 
Our equipment operators are highly trained and experienced in their specific applications and provide best sweeping practices to comply with all Federal and State EPA mandates.

Parking Lot Sweeping


Our quiet single engine parking lot sweepers work throught the night. Whether monthly, weekly or a one time clean up, you can be sure Quality Street Service will provide your facilities with service second to none.  Our staff will ensure your property looks its best at all times. We offer full power sweeping services, waste liner replacement and bulk debris removal.

Catch Basin Cleaning


At Quality Street Service, our fleet of vacuum street sweepers is equipped with specialized hand hose attachments specifically engineered for catch basin cleaning. Throughout the year wind blown sand and debris makes its way into your storm drains and catch basins. With our equipment we are able to remove this debris to ensure water flows off your street and parking lot surfaces.  Make this part of your community or property service contract.

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