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Parking Lot Sweeping

What does your parking lot say about your business?  A clean parking lot sets a great first impression of your business!  Don’t let debris, trash or standing water damage your image.  Regular parking lot sweeping helps maintain not only the cleanliness of your properties, buy it improves the life of your paved surfaces, reduces rodent problems, and helps keep interior floor surfaces cleaner.


Let our team of service professionals clean your lots.  We utilize the latest technology in sweeping equipment to ensure efficient services at a value price.  Our fleet is GPS monitored, digitally routed and includes management follow up and quality control second to none. 

We offer complete parking area maintenance for retail centers, industrial parks, churches and any other lot surface area.  Our services include:

  • Quiet Single Engine Sweepers

  • Bulk Item Removal

  • Trash Liner Replacement

  • Power Washing of Walkways and Refuse Enclosures

  • Vandalism Reporting

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